Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Angola Scrimmage Preview

What: IHSAA Scrimmage

Where: At Angola

When: Thursday, August 11 at 5:00 PM

More Details: The IHSAA scrimmage for tennis is played in 3 rounds. These rounds are timed, and at the end of the time limit we stop, no matter what the score is.

1st round - 30 minutes
2nd round - 30 minutes
3rd round - 20 minutes

In between each of these rounds, we'll change the lineup so that players get chances to play both singles and doubles, or so that we can see how different people compete in different positions.

Preview: Angola is always a great opponent to begin to measure ourselves against. They will provide great competition, as they will be one of the better teams that we face throughout our entire season. This year, they return their #1 singles (Jake Honer) and #2 singles (Jaxon Davis) from last season's team, as well as a #2 doubles (Eric Nofziger and Spencer Griffis) team that won their conference tournament and lost very few matches. Of course, Angola will be looking to shuffle their lineup around a bit too, trying to find the right combination, so some of their doubles players could shift to singles. But they will have a strong varsity squad.

On the JV end of things, one of Angola's great strengths is always their depth. They have a wealth of solid players, and their JV typically reflects that. We can expect that the JV match will push our JV players to their best.

All around, this should be a really fun match. There's very little pressure, as there is no winner and loser declared at the end of the night. It's the perfect warmup to practice what our devotional has been about this week: striving together. In reality, both the Hornets and us are trying to grow our tennis games with this match. So let's dig in and swing away!

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