Thursday, September 21, 2006

Jared Christophel


at Northridge - Tim Wagner (10)/Cole Wogoman (10) - 8-3 - Win
vs Prairie Heights - Andrew Svoboda (11)/Travis Northup (10) - 6-3 - Win
vs Howe Military - Kyle Dostie-First (9) - 8-0 - Win
at Tippecanoe Valley - Russ Yeiter (11)/Tyler Peterson (10) - 8-3 - Win


Positions: #2 Doubles JV, #1 Doubles JV, #4 Singles JV

vs. Blake Lukin (10) / Jeff Eash (9), Northridge ----- 1-8 ----- Loss
vs. Nick Champion (11) / Adam Stukey (9), Fremont ----- 8-2 ----- Win
vs. Dylan Bane (10), South Bend Riley ----- 8-5 ----- Win
vs. Darius Stevens (9) /John Riddle (10), Triton ----- 8-2 ----- Win
vs. Brett Johnson (12) / Tyler Sanders (10), Northwood ----- 4-8 ----- Loss
vs. Matt Chance (9) / Alex Bonner (10), New Prairie ----- 8-1 ----- Win
vs. Trent Landers (12) / Mitch Miller (10), Westview ----- 0-8 ----- Loss
vs. Mitchell Osterday (11) / Jason Skibbe (11), Fairfield ----- 1-8 ----- Loss
vs. Tom Zeltwanger (10) / Ben Sime (9), Bremen ----- 8-4 ----- Win
vs. Justin Bogart (9) / Ben Carlson (9), Bremen ----- 6-3 ----- Win
vs. Dexter Rauch (11) / Josh Pelfrey (10), Howe Military ----- 6-1, 6-1 ----- Win (Varsity)
vs. Landon Hendrix (11) / Corey Bauters (12), Tippecanoe Valley ----- 4-8 ----- Loss

Final 2006 JV Record: 6-5
Final 2006 Varsity Record: 1-0

No results available in 2005 for Jared Christophel


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