Thursday, August 11, 2016

Traditions: The Bethany Tennis Logo

We have lot's of traditions here on Bethany Christian tennis team. We sing "Sarasponda" after wins. We always eat at Pizza King when we go to Angola. We have a team cheer. Many of these rose up over time, others had a lot of thought and intention when they were made. One tradition that is filled with meaning is our tennis logo. Today, I will explain the meaning.

Crossed Rackets = The Cross of Jesus
First of all, let's start at the heart. In the middle of the logo are crossed tennis rackets. Yes, we are a tennis team, so tennis rackets. Yes, this is a nod to tennis tradition. But more importantly, and the reason it is right in the center, is that the crossed rackets are to symbolize the cross of Jesus Christ.

That's the center of who we want to be. Jesus on our hearts, moving toward that. When I designed the logo, I knew that we needed to have a cross logo on it. But I didn't want it to be incredibly obvious or cheesy. But the self-sacrificing love shown on the cross is at the center of who we are.

The Laurels = Arms of Our Brothers
The laurels that spring up around the sides of the shield are to symbolize the arms of our brothers on the team. We are there to support one another. We are there to surround one another. We are there together. We are wrapped up in community.

Also, laurels have traditionally been a sign of victory. Think the ancient Olympics and the wreath of laurels that the winner would get. So, we are just a community only supporting and encouraging each other. We are a community supporting and encouraging each other to get better, to strive toward victory.

Shield = Strength of Protection
For the center part of the logo, you'll notice that the ball and the cross are framed by a shield. I could have chosen a circle or other shape there, but I chose the shield for two reasons. One, I want us to think of ourselves as strong. Strong because we have each other. Strong because we have Jesus at the center. Strong.

Also, I want us to think of our strength as best used in protection. Looking after one another, looking after our own hearts. We are strong protectors of this team (and hopefully others).

Ball = You 
Finally, there is the ball. The ball is actually a huge symbol, because it represents you - the individual player. There you are on the lower part of the crest. The ball is beneath everything, because it's a reminder that tennis really isn't about you singular. So the ball is there at the bottom, being humble.

The ball is also not fully there. It's only about 3/4 of a ball. That's because we are all in formation on this team. We are looking to grow and seek our fullness and wholeness. Something that we probably won't fully achieve on earth, but something we are striving toward.

And as we seek that wholeness, that growth, the ball is located under the love of the cross and within the arms of community. We grow in and towards Christ, surrounded by the love and support of our brothers on the team. That's the idea with the ball being beneath the crossed rackets and inside the laurels.

So, the logo says, we are humbly being formed, under the self-sacrificial love of Jesus on the cross and inside the arms of our tennis community. But there is a strength in that as we follow God.

Oh, and the logo says "Bethany" because, you know, that's the school that we represent :-) Hope you guys are living in the joy that is proclaimed by our tennis logo!

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