Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Middle School Minute

Tonight Blue-White middle school match wrapped up the season for the sixth through eighth graders. We played four matches, two against other schools and two against each other. Here was how the scores shook out for the last intrasquad match.

Blue-White Match
Andrew Snyder (White) defeats Isaac Schertz, 9-7
Tyrel Baldridge (White) defeats Tyler Brenneman, 8-5
Lucas Morgan (White) defeats Q Min Kim, 8-2
Cristian Romero (Blue) defeats Christina Juroff, 9-7
Parth Patel (White) defeats Josh Helmuth, 8-0

Ike Lehman/Caleb Morris (Blue) defeats Ryan Minter/Parth Patel, 8-4
Eder Paez/Sol Brenneman (White) defeats Abe Thorne/Isaac Brenneman, 8-5
Landon Weldy/Tanner Fervida (Blue) defeats Joel Gerig/Justin Zehr, 8-7
Julian Philips-Kanagy/Bryan Nguyen (Blue) defeats Wade Troyer/Ethan Miller, 8-5
Lorae Weaver/Santi Migliaro (White) defeats Joseph Mumaw/Leah Gundy, 8-4

There were some excellent matches, very even talents, last night as we played. Andrew Snyder and Isaac Schertz had an amazing, and high level, match. Isaac had the lead 7-5 and needed just one game to seal the victory. All of a sudden, he got a little tight and Andrew reeled off four straight games for the 9-7 victory.

Or there was the Christina Juroff/Cristian Romero match which went back and forth throughout the evening. Christina, who said she couldn't play singles before the match, actually had two chances to send the match into a tiebreak, but couldn't quite pull them off.

And there was the one tiebreak match, in which Landon Weldy and Tanner Fervida pulled out the closest of victories over Joel Gerig and Justin Zehr. It marks the second straight tiebreaker win for the pair, who also defeated their Northridge opponents in tiebreaker fashion.

So, thanks to all the middle schoolers who played. I'd love to see a number of you consider high school tennis in the future. Good job and keep learning!

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