Tuesday, September 14, 2010

LaLumierre Preview

Details: September 14, 2010 at LaLumierre High School. Match starts at 5:00.

Last Season Review: We have never played LaLumierre in tennis before.

3 Interesting Facts:
- LaLumierre used to be on the basketball schedule and I believe in the soccer conference.
- According to their schedule, LaLumierre has only played 4 matches up to this point.
- One of LaLumierre's wins this year came against a Culver Military JV squad, where they won every position except #2 singles.

LaLumierre Details: I have have no idea what to expect from the Lakers. They defeated Culver Military's JV 4-1, which would be a strong JV squad I'm sure. However, they lost a 3-2 match to North Judson, which I do not think has fielded a strong team this season. So, just like everything, there's a bit of unknown.

Bethany Christian Details: Our record stands at 11-1 on the season. We defeated Westview and NorthWood last week, as well as our JV picking up two great wins over Churubusco's varsity and NorthWood. We are really making strides at improvement right now, hopefully continuing to focus on becoming a dominant team that can compete for Sectional and Regional.

Projected LaLumierre Lineup:
Records are only for the matches I know of, Culver Military's JV and North Judson.
#1S: Paul Uminski (1-1)
#2S: Parker Rellinger (1-1)
#3S: Benz Culbertson (2-0)
#1D: John Lake-Luke Tang (1-1)
#2D: Alex Friedman-Gavin O'Brien (1-1)

Outlook: It's really unknown. But we will control what we can control. That factor is us and our focus for the match. No matter how good the opponent, we have to focus on playing our game, all the time. We want to dictate the terms of the match. That's what good teams do. So that's our focus. We may know little about them, but that is no reason to lose focus.


  1. LaLumiere is also the alma mater of John Roberts, chief justice of the United States.

  2. Also an interesting fact I was unaware of until after I wrote the post.


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