Monday, September 6, 2010

Westview Preview

Details: September 7, 2010 at Westview High School. Match begins at 4:30.

Last Season Review: Westview defeated us last year, 3-2. Match report here.

3 Interesting Facts:
- We have lost 2 straight years to Westview by the score of 3-2. We've never beaten the Warriors before, ever.
- #1 singles is the only position we've never won against Westview.
- Westview's Sectional feeds into our Regional (at Concord).

Westview Details: Westview is 7-1 on the season, with their only loss coming district #1 FW Canterbury, who is also ranked 12th in the state. They have a good win over Northridge and defeated Goshen 3-2 as well.

Bethany Christian Details: We are now 9-1 on the season, defeating Triton Saturday by a 4-1 score. Our best wins of the season have come against Goshen, Concord, Triton and Northridge. Our only loss is to Columbia City, by a 2-3 score.

Projected Westview Lineup:
#1S: Steve Blinco (6-2)
#2S: Nick Pfenning (6-2)
#3S: Kohle Christner (3-5)
#1D: Zac Mishler-Nik Hostetler (7-1)
#2D: Austin Schlabach-Devin Bontreger (7-1)

Outlook: Westview, like us, returned a lot of talent. And like us, that talent is playing at the same positions they played last year. Blinco returns to #1, Pfenning at #2, and Schlabach and Bontreger at #2 doubles. In their close matches, Westview has found their strength to be their doubles, where they have only lost to FW Canterbury. That will match up well to us, where our #2 doubles has only been defeated once, when Russell was not playing.

Overall, it's going to be a challenging match. Westview certainly has the talent to defeat us, while we also have the ability to take them down. Even more importantly, Westview is a team that might win their Sectional and if we can do the same, we could see them as a Regional opponent. It is a match where we will need to be ready to play. In other words, it is a big match.

When we have known a match to be challenging this season, we have responded. Northridge, Concord, Goshen... all of these matches have seen us play great tennis. We need to be ready for Westview. I have the hope that we will be.

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