Monday, October 4, 2010

Congratulations Fairfield

After defeating us 4-1, Fairfield wrapped up the Sectional with a 5-0 victory over the Jimtown Jimmies. In a rematch of last year's final, the Falcons took every victory in 2 sets for a less pressure packed final than the morning semi-final.

I especially want to say congratulations to Wyatt Stutzman. In the four years that he has played varsity tennis, he has gone through a whole lot come Sectional time.

In 2007, Fairfield was favored coming into the Sectional with 6 seniors, including his brother David. Despite defeating us 5-0 just 10 days before Sectional, we were able to pull out a tight 3-2 win over the Falcons. Both Wyatt and his brother were among the positions that lost.

In 2008, it was a bit of a down year for the Falcons as they recovered from losing 6 seniors. Wyatt moved all the way up to #1 singles, and despite losing his match to us at Sectionals, the team had a chance for revenge. Against our senior filled roster, they won 2 spots and had a 5-1 lead in the third set at a third position. But we came back to erase that deficit and eventually win the Sectional.

In 2009, the Falcons defeated us rather easily in the semi-final round and advanced to the final to play Jimtown. They fell 3-2, losing all three singles positions. Again, Wyatt lost in this final playing at #1 singles.

And this year, finally for him, he was able to deliver in the clutch. He and all the Falcons have had a terrific year, only losing one time. But I know that this is probably a huge win for all of them. And I know, with the history of previous Sectionals, that this must feel really sweet for Wyatt Stutzman. As much as I cringed and cried to see Ben lose, if it had to happen, then I'm glad that Wyatt was the one to clinch it.

After the sorrow of seeing our team lose, and that does take a long time, I'm happy for the Sectional champions. We'll certainly be at Concord the next two nights, rooting for our Sectional champions, hoping that they can push on to the Semi-State.

Congratulations Falcons, players, coaches, parents and fans. Good luck this week!

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