Thursday, October 7, 2010

How This Works

Over the whole course of the off season, I will keep posting things on the blog. For at least the next month and a half, I will be posting four main things:

1. Schedules (Open courts and workouts)
2. Awards (Fun awards that are for different things from the season)
3. Fall Shorts (Short, 3 frame cartoons with players from our team)
4. "The Season, 2010" (A narrative in multiple chapters reflecting on the season)

So, look forward to those things. I'll give an award preview tomorrow and start handing out the awards next week.

Once we get to the new year, 2011, the blog will begin to focus on the 2011 team and upcoming season. The header will change, the type of posts will change, and we will have fun preparing for the upcoming year.

Stay with the blog if you're a fan of the team. I'll continue posting random devotional thoughts and motivational material as God provides inspiration as well. Thanks everyone who has been dropping in to check out the blog!

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