Friday, October 29, 2010

The Ninja Award

The Ninja Award is a simple one. I don't have to do much figuring. The Ninja Award simply goes to the JV player who racked up the most wins during the season. Regardless of position, this just comes down to who was our biggest winner.

The JV have been "ninjas" for the past couple of seasons. Part of this is just giving us something cool to call the drills that we have to work on to become better players, lending a little excitement to practice. But part of this is because of the way that I hope all players in the Bethany program identify their tennis games - "aggressive and attacking." Many of the drills teach players how to consistently make aggressive plays that lead to winning matches.

So amongst our ninjas this year, Wade Troyer had the most wins - 11 to be exact. Interestingly, he got the first half of those wins playing doubles positions, before moving to #3 singles JV for the second half of the season. But he succeeded there as well.

So congrats to the "Tower of Power" on a double award week. Speaking of week, in honor of Kyle Miller week, it should be noted that Kyle is a great personification of the Ninja qualities. He is attacking as he plays doubles, willing to put it out there and force the action. That's why Kyle consistently rules games like Doubles Passing, Action Paction and Overhead Jail.

Yep, Kyle Miller is ninja-tastic.

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  1. You ripped off Ninja Tunes Logo.


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