Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Buschert-Kelly Award

In 2008, Daniel Buschert and Mikey Kelly went on one of the most impressive runs of dominance that I've ever witnessed as a coach. After losing to Concord in the third match of the season, they ran off a stretch of 17 matches without a loss, including avenging a loss to Concord. They dominated their position, even if it was #2 doubles. So this award is for someone who dominated their position.

This award is rather obvious, as Seth Krabill played #2 singles all season and didn't lose a match. Well, technically didn't win a match. He did have luck on his side. Trailing 1-6, 0-3 at the Merrillville tournament to Valparaiso's #2 singles player, the skies opened up and poured. The tournament was canceled and thus this match never made it into Seth's official record. In the the rest of the season however, he cruised. He defeated other players with great records, including Nathan Brady of Wawasee, Seth Koble of Goshen, and Nate Gotshall of Taylor. Rarely was he challenged, going to three sets only once during the season (and that after having a 5-2 lead in the second set!)

So while I have to give it to Seth for being luckily undefeated, I also have to give this award to Russell Klassen and Blake Shetler. They only lost once all season at #2 doubles, and that was unlucky. My silly brother took his four best players and played them at doubles in our match with Eastern, meaning that Russell and Blake weren't really playing a #2 doubles team when they faced the Comets. Despite that, they took the match to a third set tiebreak before falling in that matchup.

Other than that, they ran roughshod over the competition, in much the same way as Seth. The only match they played together that went to a third set was against State qualifier Valparaiso, and Russell and Blake won it. They also split up some throughout the season and picked up some wins at higher positions, both winning 1 match at #1 doubles.

So, we had some position dominance this year. In basically every match, we won #2 singles and #2 doubles. That was a great advantage that these guys gave us! Congrats on the Buschert-Kelly Award!


  1. Buschert-Kelly award! Congratulations, funny thing is I think all recipients of this award actually had better records than Mikey and I did even though the award was named after us. In a way, you could say mikey and I are the winners of the Seth Kraybill award. Congrats to myself and Mikey.

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