Monday, November 8, 2010

My favorite thing...

My favorite thing about Kyle Miller? His dedication and commitment.

Two years ago, in the winter following his sophomore season, Kyle started showing up after school for footwork drills. Footwork drills! He knew his speed was something he needed to work on. He and Austin Loucks were about the only two constant attenders at this after school program, and a season later they teamed at #1 doubles to go 13-7, a record very close to the 15-7 our Sectional champions #1 doubles team had posted the year before.

In the summer before his junior year, Kyle and Seth would come to the courts every single morning to hit before joining me for some awesome P90X in the middle school gym. That's right, every single morning they would show up and work out.

This year, Kyle took his commitment to another level. He not only came to everything, open courts to individual workouts, he began to get others involved. He made sure that Evan was getting his serving in, made sure that Seth was staying dedicated, tried to give rides to those who needed it. He was committed to the program.

These type of leaders cannot be overlooked or overappreciated. Hopefully, some of the leadership and commitment that Kyle showed this year will trickle down to the others that are younger on this team. Kyle's commitment and dedication are the very things that help build a program.

Thanks Kyle!

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