Monday, January 24, 2011

Russell Klassen Amazement!

Russell played two varsity seasons for the Bruins. In those two seasons, he racked up a total of 32 wins! That's incredible, but what's even more incredible is his winning percentage. Russell won a whopping 78% of the varsity matches that he participated in.

Russell follows in his brother Wes's footsteps, as Wes Klassen played two seasons for the Bruin varsity in 2005-2006. While Russell played doubles, Wes was a singles player, playing all his matches at 2-3 singles. But when it comes to the record books, Russell trumps his older brother (much like my little brother did to all my records).

I have to say though, it's awesome to have a family like the Klassen come through and be part of the Bethany tennis family. It's hard to imagine the past four years without Russell, as he's given a lot of confidence the team as well as his talent. In his sophomore season, Russell completed an undefeated season, which he almost duplicated this year.

What's even more difficult to believe is that next year will be a season without a Klassen. Not one at the school, not one on the tennis team. It will be the first time for us since 2004. But thanks Russell, for sending the family out in style on the court. An excellent season that we'll need to celebrate now that it is actually Russell Klassen week!

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