Thursday, August 18, 2011

Goshen Preview

Details: Thursday, August 18, 4:30 at Bethany Christian High School

Last Season Review: We defeated Goshen twice last season, both by 4-1 scores.

3 Interesting Facts:
- Both teams started our seasons early this week, both losing in our first matches.
- Bethany is currently on a 5 match winning streak against Goshen.
- Both teams lost their top 2 players in the off-season, who faced off at #1 and #2 singles last year.

Goshen Details: Goshen is 0-1, having lost their opening match to Mishawaka Marian, 3-2.

Bethany Christian Details: We are also 0-1, having lost to a talented Northridge team on Tuesday.

Projected Goshen Lineup:
#1S: Eli Metzler-Prieb (0-1)
#2S: Drew Hochstetler (0-1)
#3S: Jorge Hernandez-Walton (0-1)
#1D: Sam Stegelman/Sylas Buller (1-0)
#2D: Matt Buncich/Austin Stutzman (1-0)

This is a great early season test for both teams. It should be fairly evenly matched, I especially look for exciting matches at #2 singles and #2 doubles. This should set an early tone for Sectional expectations as well, as Goshen and Fairfield could probably be considered the front runners for our Sectional title this year. We'll also get a look at what I expect to be one of the better doubles teams in the Sectional (Sam Stegelman and Sylas Buller), as well as getting some of our young freshman a chance to get their first wins. We're all excited about this first home match!

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