Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Prairie Heights Preview

Details: Tuesday, August 30 at 5:00 at Bethany Christian High School

Last Season Review: Last season we defeated Prairie Heights 5-0.

3 Interesting Facts
- Bethany Christian has only lost once in 15 tries against Prairie Heights. The only team we've beaten more is Churubusco.
- Prairie Heights only returns 2 players to its varsity from last year. Coincidentally, they played the same spots that our 2 returning players played last year. Like Nate and Blake, Nathan Clark played #3S and Tyler Carbone was at #2 doubles.
- It looks like the Panthers lineup has 4 players in it who were not on the team at all last year. They are all playing doubles in their most recent result.

Prairie Heights Details: Prairie Heights took a heavy 5-0 loss last night against Angola. They have also lost to Lakeland and Fairfield. I have not seen details on other matches.

Bethany Christian Details: We evened up our season record last night with a 5-0 win over Laville. So tonight we're looking to get back over .500.

Projected Prairie Heights Lineup
#1S - Tyler Carbone (0-3)
#2S - Nate Clark (1-2)
#3S - Justin Clark (0-1)
#1D - Nico Accomando-Braxton Elliot (0-2)
#2D - Drew Vice-John Sloan (0-2)

Overview: Prairie Heights is a team that often scrambles to fill out it's varsity lineup. In fact, earlier this season, against Fairfield they failed to play a #3 singles player. Nate Clark, the Panthers #2 singles player, is the only player I could find who has won on the season. They may have had matches which I don't have the results to, but Clark played a decent match against Blake Shetler last year. Of their returning players, no one took more than 2 games off of us last year. This is a match that we hope to win to get back above .500 on the year.

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