Friday, September 30, 2011

2011 JV Season Review

This year marked a step forward for our JV. Last year, our JV was young and took quite a few hits on the learning curve. This year, our JV was ultra young... with 11 members of the freshman class taking turns playing some of the leading roles. In fact, in all but one match this season, a freshman played at either #1 singles or #1 doubles on the JV.

With that, let's start looking at some other interesting stats.

- Last year's JV had 2 winning records amongst the individuals. This year we had 9. All of our individual records are listed at the bottom of this page.

- We played outstanding under pressure this season. In tiebreaks, the JV had an 88.9% winning percentage this season... losing only 1 tiebreak.

- In team match's the JV ended the season accomplishing 2 varsity victories (Churubusco and Howe) as well a 5-6-3 record in solely JV contests. Altogether, that makes an above .500 season for the JV.

- The 2nd place finish at the Fremont Invitational is the highest place for a JV team at a tournament in 3 years. Only once (in 2008) has our JV won a tournament.

- Speaking of tournaments, in a flighted tournament (like Fremont was) Wade Troyer/Hans Miller and Himal King/Joel Gerig became the only Bruins JV players to ever win their positions.

- Looking at cumulative class records and winning percentage:
Juniors = 57.1%
Sophomores = 62.5%
Freshman = 48.0%

- However, freshman, there are only 2 classes in Bethany tennis history with higher winning percentages than that as freshman. Last year's class (which had the most wins in school history as seniors). And this year's seniors are the other (although they were significantly carried by Blake's 10 (!) wins as a freshman).

- Some of the JV got to play in varsity matches this year as well. Leading the way in those were Sol, Hans and Joel with 2 victories each.

- Hans takes home the prize for most JV victories (12), followed by Wade (10), Sol (10), Joel (9), and Landon (9).

- Best winning percentage belongs to Justin Zehr (75.0%), followed by Hans (70.6%).

- Again, Hans winning percentage is the highest for a freshman since Blake (83.3%).

- Exciting matches this year:

---> Watching Luke and Neel win in almost complete darkness against Fremont to seal a team win!
---> Finishing 2nd at the Fremont Invitational and winning some individual championships!
---> Wade and Hans' #1 doubles match against Concord at the Jimtown Invitational!
---> Sol's epic tiebreak against Jimtown at the same tournament!
---> Colin and Delan winning the first game as they played together against Triton!
---> Ryan Duckworth and Joel Gerig's comeback against Triton!
---> Roberto Ramos' win over Howe in the last match of the season!
---> Tristan and Sol grabbing us at least one win over Northridge in the first match!
---> Justin's amazing comeback at #3 singles varsity against Howe, fighting through a third set and a tiebreak!
---> Landon's fast start to the season, dismantling all #2 and #3 singles players!
---> Himal and Joel's final win over Howe, fighting their way back to a win!

Thanks, brothers, for a fantastic season! You are fun to watch play and are going to form the backbone of this program for year's to come. I love each of you, in a tennis team/brother sort of way :-)

Individual Records

--- Juniors ---
Wade Troyer - 10-8
Himal King - 6-4

--- Sophomores ---
Joel Gerig - 9-7
Justin Zehr - 6-2

--- Freshman ---
Hans Miller - 12-5
Sol Brenneman - 10-8
Landon Weldy - 9-7
Tristan Clark - 6-5
Ryan Duckworth - 5-4
Neel Bhagat - 1-4
Luke Schrock - 1-3
Roberto Ramos - 1-5
Colin Samuel - 0-5
Delan Schrock - 0-3

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