Monday, August 20, 2012

Columbia City Preview

Details: Tuesday, August 21 at Columbia City

Last Season Review: Last year, we lost 3-2 to Columbia City in excruciating fashion. It came down to the last match left on the court, which we couldn't convert. 

3 Interesting Facts:
#1 - This will be the first of 2 "Eagle" nicknamed teams that we face this week.
#2 - We have never defeated the Columbia City Eagles. In the 2 years that we faced them, each match has finished with us losing 3-2.
#3 - We have 1 common opponent played this season, the Concord Minutemen. We lost 3-2 on Saturday while Columbia City lost 4-1 last Monday.
Columbia City Details: From the match reports I can find, it looks like Columbia City is 1-2, having lost to Concord and Warsaw, while defeating Churubusco. Those results don't tell very much about them as a team. Concord and Warsaw are both strong teams, while Churubusco is weak. Their have been some interesting scores within these matches, like #2 singles going to 3 sets with Warsaw and #1 doubles being taken to 3 sets by Churubusco.

Bethany Christian Details: We unfortunately lost a close one to Concord on Saturday. If Abe's tiebreak would have gone his way, we may have found ourselves with our first win of the season. Instead, we sit at 0-3 as a team, with two losses of the 3-2 variety.

Projected Columbia City Lineup:
Individual Record in Parenthesis
#1S - Derek Hinen (1-2)
#2S - Nick Rongos (1-2)
#3S - Drew Benedict (1-1)
#1D - Blake Fearnow/Mason Coverstone (1-1)
#2D - Austin Paul/Daniel Woll (2-1)

Outlook: This is a match of turning the tides. We've lost our last two matches 3-2, to Concord and Goshen. We've lost to Columbia City 3-2 the past two times we've played them. We have yet to record our first team win of the season. This is the match where we've got to play good tennis and change the trends. I get the feeling that Columbia City is a team much like us, trying to figure things out as the season goes. They've tried several different lineups, as have we. They've had some close individual matches, as have we. It's time to be ready for our best match yet. Improving each time.

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