Friday, August 31, 2012

Triton Preview

Details: Saturday, 10:00 AM at Bethany Christian High School

Last Season Review:  Last season we defeated the Trojans 3-2 in Bourbon. It was a close match won by all three of our singles players.

3 Interesting Facts:
#1 - Usually, both Bethany and Triton enter this match with winning records. This year, from what I can find, we are both right at .500.
#2 - Triton has switched their lineup up in 4 of their 6 matches. We've switched in 4 of our 8 matches.
#3 - This Saturday match is usually the one that falls closest to my birthday, so we've got to win it as an early birthday present to me :-)

Triton Details: From the results that I could gather, Triton seems to be 3-3 on the season. All 3 of their losses were by 3-2 scorelines, including a recent close loss to Plymouth, who traditionally has a strong team. They have four players who have really performed well this season, and have tried a lot of different lineups trying to utilize these players to earn maximum points. It will be interesting to see what lineup they throw out against us tomorrow.

Bethany Christian Details: We're coming off two easy wins to even our season record at 4-4. We've been playing better and better tennis, so it will be interesting to see how we respond to another close challenge. Nate is on a 7 match winning streak.

Projected Triton Lineup:
Individual Records in Parenthesis - I don't have complete Triton records, their tourney was difficult to to get full results on, so the records are approximate.
#1S - Jeff Ross (6-3)
#2S - Dean Howdeshell (7-2)
#3S - Jared Fisher (5-4)
#1D -Pete Kauffman (8-1) - Lucas Shafer (6-3)
#2D - Darren Harrell (2-6) - Jake Oldham (2-4)

Outlook: Here we go again. After two matches where we were able to be on a bit of cruise control, we're back into the tight ones as a team. While we will probably have a good matchup at #1 singles, the other positions seem to be ones that we could win or lose. With Nate playing really good tennis lately, it has been a task of trying to find the two extra points to get us the team win. Who wants to step up and earn us these points? Who wants to commit to working harder in practice, to getting better, to being confident? Those are the questions...


  1. Technically, the Westview match is closer to your birthday this year...

  2. True. But winning this match always leaves me feeling good on my birthday! Which it will again this year!


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