Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Westview Preview

Details: Tuesday, September 4, 4:30 PM at Westview High School

Last Season Review:  Last season we defeated the Warriors 3-2. Our 3 singles positions won, including Nathan Brendle and Ike Lehman. The Warriors return only 1 player to their varsity lineup from this team. We won the JV match-up 4-0.

3 Interesting Facts:
#1 - We've only played against Westview's varsity the past 5 years. For 5 years before that, we played their JV with our varsity.
#2 - We've defeated Westview 2 straight seasons, previous to which we had never defeated the Warriors.
#3 - Weather always seems to be an issue for this match. Last year we got rain, two years ago we had ridiculous winds. What will tonight provide?

Westview Details: The Warriors are 1-5 coming into this match. We've played some common opponents and had similar results, but by different scorelines. The Warriors have lost to Goshen, Jimtown and Northridge, as have we. However, they fell to Goshen 4-1 (we lost 3-2) and to Jimtown 5-0 (we lost 3-2). This seems to indicate that we might have some advantage, at least at some positions.

Bethany Christian Details: We defeated Triton on Saturday to improve to 5-4. Also, our JV was able to grab a close win, which was good to see them continue to improve.

Projected Westview Lineup:
Individual Records in Parenthesis
#1S - Kohle Christner (3-3)
#2S - Andrew Yoder (2-4)
#3S - Hunter Christner (2-4)
#1D - Asher Gingerich (1-5)/Stephen Gierek (0-6)
#2D - Taylor Eash (2-4)/Zack Schrock (2-3)

Outlook: We are definitely getting better. I suppose most teams do as the season goes along. We need to continue to pair our improvement with confidence. In a match like tonight, I hope my players all go out expecting to win, prepared to win, and then commit to doing the things necessary to win. Against Triton, we began by thinking we could win, but we didn't start the match with the movement and energy needed to win. Confidence truly entails playing with focus and energy along with its mental aspects of belief. If tonight we bring these things together, we will win another match.

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