Thursday, September 27, 2012

Win at Love.

Before the Jimtown match, I told the players... no matter what happens, you will always have this season, your teammates, your memories of the good. You will always have your brothers and their love. You will always have the love of Christ. It's in these that we find who we are, not in what happens in a tennis match at the end of the season. After our loss, I want to highlight what some of my brothers had to say on Facebook and other places.

Himal's status: "Good match everybody, even though we lost we played amazing and always battled. No matter what happens we still have the memories and the Broho. I am truly going to miss everyone on the team this year. While we are sad now, it will get better and no matter what so have the team, the bear shirts, the tournament win, the bus rides, and so much more. I had a blast this season and I will miss every second of it. I LOVE you guys. Get em next year!"

Landon's said:  "i was thinking about tonight, and during ikes match, there was nobody cheering for the jimtown guy, but everyone was for ike. we may not have won sectionals, but we won at LOVE, and thats all that matters. when i got home, i didnt cry because we lost. i cried because the season was over and that meant that the team wouldnt be together anymore :( i love you guys" 

It was special to be with all of you throughout the year. I do believe that we excelled in loving one another and truly being there for each other. I know that last night, when Ike lost, everybody wanted to take his pain and put it on themselves. I know that when you all circled around him after the match, it wasn't because you were upset or disappointed, but because you wanted him to know that you loved him.

My senior year of high school, I lost the last match of a 3-2 loss for my team. I was so upset, that I ran as fast as I could behind the middle school that we were playing at and screamed at the top of my lungs. None of my teammates went with me, none greeted me when I came back, in fact, I can't even remember who played #1 or #2 doubles that day. My teammates didn't care about me so much, and I can hardly remember them.

That will never be true for all of you. You love each other, you sacrifice for each other, you are a team in the fullest sense of the word. People can keep telling me that tennis is an individual sport, and me and my Bethany Christian brothers will keep proving to them why it's so much better when you realize that it's about the team.

Thank you all for centering your season on one another. In the same way, I encourage all of you to continue to stay centered on others as the season ends. And in all things, find your true peace and "center" in Christ. Christ's love is a place of salvation and rest.

Thanks to all of you for the season, the love, the memories, and let's keep up the love at Nathan's matches.

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  1. This is cute ^.^ I remember the story of Jehoshaphat, before the battle, he will pray and praise the Lord first. And it reminds me that put God first in everything I do.

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