Saturday, August 17, 2013

Jimtown Preview

Details: Monday, August 19, 4:30 PM at Bethany Christian

Last Season Review: Last season, our varsity was defeated twice by Jimtown, both by a score of 3-2. Our JV lost 5-0 to the Jimmies at the Jimtown JV Invitational.

3 Interesting Facts:
#1 - Jimtown becomes one of the few teams I've ever known to lose their entire varsity lineup from last year's Sectional. All 7 players were seniors.
#2 - Jimtown ended our season last year in a 3-2 heartbreaking loss. Now they will begin our season this year.
#3 - Steve Fledderman, Jimtown's coach, is the "Jim Buller" of Elkhart County tennis. He's in his 33rd year as coach.

Jimtown Details: Like was said above, Jimtown loses their entire regular varsity lineup. How this affects them, I'm not sure. They had a very good JV team last year, who defeated our JV team 5-0. But all these players are going to have to move up. It's pretty hard to give details when I don't know what's is happening with them yet this year.

The Elkhart Truth showed that Jimtown has 13 players on their team, so we'll have a JV match. Hopefully their guys will be willing to play twice so we can get a couple more matches in.

Bethany Christian Details: We return quite a few players with varsity experience (6 total) and had a good scrimmage experience against Angola. I think we'll come into this match with confidence. If we match that confidence with focus, I believe we'll compete well in this match.

Projected Jimtown Lineup:
I don't have any idea if this lineup will be accurate, but Gongwer and Pawlak played some varsity singles last year so...

#1S - Jacob Gongwer
#2S - Mikey Pawlak
#3S - Nick Beron
#1D - Adam DeShone/Brock Johnson
#2D - ??? / ???

Outlook: It's hard say how these matches are going to go with so little info. In fact, last year I just got to the JV Invitational in time to see the last points of Sol's match. So I don't even know how most of the Jimtown players play. I'm really looking forward to getting started. 

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