Tuesday, September 3, 2013

1/3 Review - Facts and Figures

With the first two weeks of the season now complete, we are a third of the way through are competition season. We're also about a third of the way through our dual matches as well, so it seems like a good time for a little review.

Random Facts
- Joel and Hans have now won 19 matches together as doubles partners. Their record together is 19-5.

- After winning 21 matches from the #1 singles position last year, we've already lost 5 at that position this year, however . . .

- Abe Thorne lost his first 4 matches last year, and 4 of his first 5, before going on a 13 match winning streak. He's lost 4 of his first 5 this year as well, time for a winning streak?

- Our #1 singles JV position, however, has been dominant. It is the only position we have not lost in our 9 match season.

- On our entire team of 24 players, only 4 players have losing individual records. That's incredible!

- We defeated Northridge this year as a varsity and tied as a JV. This is the first time ever that we have not lost either JV or varsity to Northridge in the same season.

- We've defeated the two Sectional opponents we've played so far, Jimtown and Goshen.

- We've competed against 2 district ranked opponents so far this season: Angola (scrimmage) and Concord.

- Parth has as many wins already this season as he did in the entire season last year.

- The JV team's start to the season is the best since 2008, when the JV team went undefeated.

- Daniel Robles has not played with the same doubles partner in any of his matches, he keeps having to play with new partners.

- Paul Krabill won his first and only singles match of his career against Goshen.

- When we played Goshen, Seth Krabill's (our assistant coach's) little brother, Evan, played for the Redskins.

Team Records
Varsity: 5-1
Junior Varsity: 6-1-2

Position by Position
#1S: 1-5
#2S: 5-1
#3S: 3-3
#1D: 6-0
#2D: 6-0

#1SJV: 9-0
#2SJV: 4-5
#3SJV: 4-3
#4SJV: 0-3
#5SJV: 0-2
#6SJV: 1-1
#7SJV: 1-0

#1DJV: 7-2
#2DJV: 8-1
#3DJV: 4-1
#4DJV: 3-2
#5DJV: 1-2
#6DJV: 0-1
#7DJV: 1-0

Person by Person
Joel Gerig: 6-0
Parth Patel: 6-0
Abe Thorne: 1-4
Justin Zehr: 5-3

Jesse Amstutz: 4-1
Neel Bhagat: 5-3
Sol Brenneman: 3-3
Ryan Duckworth: 7-2
Hans Miller: 6-0
Roberto Ramos: 1-3
Jacob Rudy-Froese: 0-5
Landon Weldy: 6-0

Jack Erlacher: 5-2
Paul Krabill: 2-0
Ethan Lapp: 8-1

Jacob Gonsalves: 1-1
Simon Hurst: 7-1
Jackson King: 2-3
Byeong Min Lim: 5-1
Bryce Miller: 6-1
Lane Miller: 5-3
Brandon Nguyen: 4-2
Matthew Peters: 2-2
Daniel Robles: 1-2

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