Monday, September 9, 2013

Westview Preview

Details: Monday, September 10, at 4:30 PM at Bethany Christian High School.

Last Season Review: Last season we defeated Westview 5-0, but it was close at several positions. Westview returns all their players from last season.

3 Interesting Facts:
#1 - Our teams are very similar, both #1 singles players have struggled, while positions of strength have been #2 singles and #1 doubles.
#2 - Both teams are experienced. We came into the season having 6 players with varsity experience, all seven of their players had at least a year of experience.
#3 - This is always an intriguing matchup, as our overall record against Westview stands at 3-3.

Westview Details: Westview is 5-2 on the season, with losses to Goshen and Warsaw. Both Goshen and Warsaw have outstanding records, with Warsaw being ranked #4 in District 3. They come off a couple of easier wins, and will certainly be looking to beat us, as they've yet to beat an opponent with a winning record.

Bethany Christian Details: Speaking of opponents with winning records, Saturday's win over Triton was only our second over an opponent with a winning record. The convincing 4-1 win was exciting, but it was especially encouraging to see us play with confidence in a "toss-up" match.

Projected Westview Lineup:
#1S - Kohle Christner (1-5)
#2S - Andrew Yoder (5-1)
#3S - Stephen Gierek (4-2)
#1D - Hunter Christner-Jamar Weaver (5-1)
#2D - Zach Schrock-Taylor Eash (3-3)

Outlook: We played with confidence Saturday. This must continue, as the matches get even more important as the season moves along. In 2008, when our team won its only Sectional title, the best thing about that season was that the team improved as the season went along. In this match, we want to keep our improvement and momentum going. I feel like this is another great opportunity for us. This season is shaping up to be really exciting because from here on out, every match will be fun, close and competitive.

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