Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Letters: Edition 4

Dear Simon Hurst,
You've improved a whole lot at tennis over the past offseason. Your performance at team camp had all the upperclassmen excited. But my most appreciated improvement is seeing your leadership. You take seriously the workouts, and you've even taken over for Jesse in leading open courts while he's gone. Thanks. Keep enjoying tennis.

Dear Wimbledon Boy's Doubles Final,
I just wanted to write and say thanks for having a little bit of everything. Thanks for showing me that 16 year olds act the same whether they are just learning tennis or they have a blazing forehand. They still pout too much (on the negative side) and get extremely excited (C'mon!) They still play doubles as if it is a singles match, or a long crosscourt battle where no one is allowed to poach or come to the net. You even introduced a young player to my son, who he now loves (American Stefan Kozlov!)

Dear Video Maker,
Solid points. Seriously, working at this will be a great addition for our team in something that it has been lacking. It's a great way to add power. But, really, really can't we make a better video? Although, honestly, we'll probably remember it better because of the terms used. "Point the buttcap." Nice...

Dear Everybody on Our Team,
The season is three weeks away. THE SEASON IS THREE WEEKS AWAY! I can't wait, but I want to be clicking on all cylinders come go time. The season is three weeks away!

Dear God,
The season is three weeks away! But there's a lot of things on my mind. I've got a baby on the way. The season is three weeks away. And I want these men to come together around each other and around You. Give us Your strength and let it be our joy.

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