Monday, July 21, 2014

Letters: Edition 5

Dear Sol Brenneman,
Be epic this year. Be consistently epic. Be consistently epic from the beginning of the season. Play the coolest points that we could ever imagine and use your athleticism to dominate the court. Because you can, I've seen it in our workouts, in tennis camp, and in flashes through last year. But don't be just flashes this year, be a full-blown, awe-inducing thunderstorm.

Dear Wimbledon Boy's Final,
After we watched the 16 year olds battle it out in doubles last week and my son decided he liked Stefan Kozlov, I decided to wade into your match. You started with a nervous double fault and continued to be an error-fest well into the first set. What a crucial reminder that high school tennis (or players who are high school age) is truly a sport where the point ends in an error about 90% of the time. Even at the highest level of the age group, powering through people is very rare.

Dear Sophomores,
I sang your excellence over the weekend. And you guys are awesome. Understand that it's not just about tennis either, you are great tennis players but truly good men as well. I see that the more I get to know you. So take that greatness and use it to sing the excellent in others. Then you will build something really powerful, because it won't be about you.

Dear JJ Abrams,
Please don't screw up the new Star Wars movies. This has nothing to do with tennis, but I had to say it somewhere.

Dear God,
We can be so involved in ourselves sometimes. Summer always shows that to me, as I sometimes feel like I'm trying to cram as much of the stuff that I want to do into the months of June and July as is possible. Coming off this season of oft-selfishness, I want to see us turn our eyes to You. Please call and soften our hearts. Please prepare us to put aside anything we need to in order to come together. Come, Lord Jesus, let us rejoice in one another!

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