Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Letters, August 11

Dear Lane Miller,
We've been discussing lots of wonderful things during our devotional time, but the biggest of which is that we need to use our God-given gifts to give to others. It's only in this obedience that we truly experience joy. Well, I was so grateful for your Facebook post this weekend. Being encouraging and yet still challenging is an important skill, and I think you managed it well. You are a true asset to the team when you look out for your other brothers. Don't limit that just to us tennis brothers. Let that flow out of your whole life.

Dear Weather,
Thanks for giving us a reprieve so far this year. We've only had parts of practices rained out, we've never missed the whole thing. Truth is, yesterday I was 100% sure we wouldn't have practice, then the sun came out and dried everything up. I looked out my window in amazement when it was practice time. It's moments like those where it is easy to remember that "Every breath in is gratitude."

Dear Hans Miller,
You've had a great start to the tennis season. You've established yourself as an excellent doubles player and have even pushed some of our singles players. You've worked hard in practice and continued to improve your skills (including your second serve). Now you've become my teaching assistant and I can't wait to get to work. Let's talk tennis, let's study tennis . . . but let's continue to move towards God. The Spirit of God has gifted you with the fruit of joy, it flows out of you. Let that joy spread all across the team. I love that you watched the Bryan Brothers video about doubles strategy and the thing that stood out to you was to be exceedingly positive to your partner. That's so you! Bring that positive outlook! Bring the joy! Bring it!

Dear Students in My 9th Period Class,
I'm sorry if I get distracted and look out the window a lot. Yesterday I was worried about rain, sometimes I'm worried about matches. I need to let go of the worry and the constant thoughts of control that ping about my head during tennis season. I'm working on living more in each moment, in each breath. God will get me there. But I wasn't there yesterday. Sorry.

Dear God,
That's really the truth. I need You to make me aware of how close You are in every moment. As close as my next breath. That's a calming truth that I pray will grab the heart and imagination of our team this year. May we rejoice in You always.

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