Thursday, August 7, 2014

Letters, August 7

Dear Team,
We're 3 days into tennis practice, and I'm already appreciating many things about you. So far you've been incredibly patient and flexible in dealing with the weird weather patterns in northern Indiana. You've had patience as we adjust practice and conditioning schedules on the fly. And we seem to slowly be building our skill as well. I can't wait to take stock of our team by watching us play our first match. Thanks for the great character you have, keep pushing toward the prize!

Dear Jackson King,
The first morning of practice you completely shocked me with how much improvement you've made. You seem to have a quiet dedication about you. You just go out and do the things that need to be done. Throughout tennis camp, I knew you were working hard on your weakness, which was your backhand. During Team 105 the first morning, I noticed that you won 3 big points by confidently hitting that backhand. And your forehand continues to be a shot that can match almost anyone on the team. Your energy, dedication, and work ethic are gifts. Thanks for sharing them with the team.

Dear Amigo Centre Basement,
What a terrible job you have. You are surrounded by the beauty of God's creation, a wooded retreat from all things. But your role is to be the place that people get stuck when they can't really enjoy the outdoors. You are a place to gather if it's storming and a walk by the lake is impossible. You are the place where we have our teacher meeting to talk through the mundane details of lunch duties, study halls, and supervisions and only get to stare at the canoes laid out on the sunny beach through your windows. I appreciate the job you do, but next time I return to Amigo, I want to get out more.

Dear Joel Yoder,
You've got big shoes to fill with the name Joel. Each Joel that has played on our team has been part of the heart and soul of their squad, driving them on to big things. In fact, each Joel that has played so far was part of my Sheer and Savage series here before the year started, noting how they've changed our program. Now you share their name, and if the first couple of days are an indication, I think you also share some of their ability to be the heart and soul. You are already shouting out encouragement to upperclassmen, seeking instruction for your own game, and staying positive in many situations. I think you are on your way to being a joyful part of this team.

Dear God,
We've begun. Let Your hand be over all that we undertake this season, the most important of which is drawing closer to You. I pray that You give us the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that we may know You better. That we may know that You are always working, always giving, and always near. Fill us with the confidence of Your love.

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