Saturday, July 11, 2015

Tennis Camp Details

Players and Parents,

High school tennis camp is coming up in July. July 13-17. I'm very excited, but I'm sure a lot of you are ready for reminders and more details. Here are those details in some FAQs...

Q: What time do we leave?
We will leave Bethany at 8:00 AM on Monday, July 13. We'll load up and drive to Angola, Indiana, where we will be staying at Fairview Missionary Church for the week. We will return at 2:00 PM on Friday afternoon. So we will be staying overnight for 4 nights, and will be there for each day of the week.

Q: What do we do?
Each day, our schedule is pretty simple. We'll get up, have some breakfast, go play tennis, go eat lunch, take a nap, play some more tennis, go to dinner, play some video games and then do some different evening activities. My parents live in Angola, so we'll spend several nights swimming in their pool. Other nights we'll go back to the church and use their gym to play dodgeball or basketball. Basically we'll have time to hang out as a team. We'll end each night with a devotional time, seeking God together for the season, for each other, for our school. Then we'll sleep. And we'll need it, we'll be tired.

Q: What should we bring?
Here's a list...

Things to Bring
- The only cost of the camp is money for food, so I'd say around $100.
- We're running low on tennis balls, so if you could each bring 3 CANS OF TENNIS BALLS, that would be great!
- Your tennis racket
- A big water bottle
- Lots of clothes to play tennis in
- Lots of socks and underwear (you'll get very sweaty, and you'll want to change a lot!)
- Swim suit
- Towel
- Sun screen
- Shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant
- Sleeping bag and pillow (there are usually 18-20 couches to sleep on, but some of us may end up on the floor)

Don't Bring
- Expensive electronic equipment (your cell phone is fine, but leave computers, iPads, etc at home)

One more note, please come with a great attitude, ready to listen and be positive with your teammates. We have a blast during the week, but we get really tired as well. We play a lot of tennis and we work hard. You must be ready to listen, compromise, be flexible, affirm and encourage in order for this week to be a success. I'm sure we'll have no problems.

Grace and Peace!

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