Friday, September 4, 2015


One of the things that we've talked about this season is that having faith, taking the next step, often requires both passion and perspective.

We tend to be really good at the passion. We tend to care.

We tend to lack perspective. We tend to get too involved in the moment rather than keep a growth perspective.

Here's something to help us keep perspective on how we're doing this season.

These are the current district rankings. Notice, we've only lost 4 matches this season - and 3 of those teams are ranked currently. Also, three of our losses were 3-2. We had chances to win those matches. The other match, even though we lost 5-0, we had four matches lost in close third sets, 3 of which we were within a game of victory.

This is simply to provide some encouragement. We've been competing with some excellent programs, and we've been keeping it close. Let's keep growing throughout the year.

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