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Northridge Match Report

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VARSITY MATCH REPORT: Northridge 4, Bethany Christian 1
Tonight was a really good match for the Bruin varsity. Unlike our Jimtown match, which left us with a lot of unknowns because we hadn't played our shots with much confidence, this match began to give us a blueprint of how to move forward in our season.

At #1S, Liam played with a lot of grit and heart. Playing against a powerful junior in Gabe Rodino, Liam used a lot of variety in his shots to mix up Rodino, pull him up to the net, and then try to find ways over and around him. Many times, this worked, as Liam found angles and lobs that slightly put his opponent's stroke off. More times though, Rodino finished off the point. Northridge won 6-3, 6-3, but this match showed Liam that he'll need to develop a bit of offense to go with his counterpunching.

At #2S, Caleb played a really talented sophomore in Cooper Tavernier. I really liked watching Tavernier play, he was smooth and powerful, and he destroyed any short ball. However, Caleb learned the importance of variety... as well as seeing a way to work forward and finish the short ball.

At #3S, Philip played a masterpiece of a match. After losing a tight first set, Philip responded by jumping out to a second set lead. Though it stayed close, Philip experienced what it means to stay loose in big points and stay with a working strategy. Right until the end (with a few tight moments), Philip kept his energy and was very coachable in finding a comeback win for the ages. I was so proud of the way that Philip used his shadow swings, stretched and moved between points to keep energy, and played in a way that really shows the team what a leader looks like.

At #1D, Nathan and Jonah went back to playing simple, aggressive tennis. They didn't go for too much but played really smart shots to really smart spots. This kept them right in the match. Unfortunately, it didn't quite get them over the edge. They learned that they will have to counter the big shots of their opponents with important shots of their own. It is so important to stay loose and respond.

And at #2D, Chris and Braden played a match that should have been closer. Too many times though Chris and Braden weren't quite ready for the next ball, and therefore couldn't get a solid shot. Anticipation is a crucial element of doubles, and one that you can practice. That's what we will do.

So, despite a loss, the varsity each has a road forward with 5 weeks of the season to follow that road. Here we go!

JV MATCH REPORT: Northridge JV 4, Bethany Christian JV 1
I have to begin this match report with the best JV shot I've ever seen. In the middle of Tyson and Austin's #1DJV match, their opponents looped a backspinning ball toward the right sideline and near the net. It was very high, and it bounced on the outside of the doubles sideline. It spun back between the nets post of our 2nd and 3rd court, to the Northridge side of the net. Tyson sprinted forward to try to get to the ball before it crossed that invisible line, but couldn't get there. As he lunged forward, he slammed the ball around the net post and down into the Northridge side of the court. The Northridge players looked confused, but the Raider coach acknowledged immediately, "That's Bethany's point." It was awesome, it was the rare instance where you can cross over and hit the ball on your opponent's side of the net, because it has already bounced or your side. One of the best points I've ever seen!

And that was a good theme at the JV level, really good points and shots but not consistently enough to win the matches. At #2SJV, Josh again couldn't find his way to compete until late in the match. But then played an all out battle against his Raider foe. Despite starting down 5-0, Josh tied the last six games 3-3, and those six games probably took 45 minutes because they were so well contested.

Matthew Dyck also started out down in his match, but then figured out his forehand. He really controlled points well with that, until his opponent approached the net or found Matthew's backhand. Joseph also had a match where he controlled most of the shots, but then couldn't quite find the finishing ball. Josiah really played good first balls of each point, serves or forehand returns, but then struggled when those got returned. And Sam had great movement, great positioning, but couldn't quite connect.

Even in Austin and Tyson's winning effort at #1DJV, which was awesome, there were moments that things didn't connect.

Again, this just shows that we are learning and improving, but not surprisingly we are not all the way there yet. In time, brothers, in time.

It was enough to see the progress tonight. Most positions played with much more confidence, even when the score wasn't going their way. And we focused much more on how we were going to play, what we could control, rather than being distracted by the things we can't control. It was enough to make that progress.

You are brothers. So many moments last night continued to affirm this. Everybody standing around at the end and cheering Philip on to victory. The amount of people who were really focused on Austin and Tyson match. But my favorite moment came in the middle of the JV matches when Matthew was getting ready for a point and looked down the court to see Austin getting ready to serve. From two courts down, Matthew yelled, "Let's go Austin!" It was completely unprovoked encouragement. And Austin quickly echoed it back, "Here we go, Matthew!" I love that stuff. I love seeing you guys excited for each other. You are brothers.


I am grateful for...
- Liam's lobs.
- Caleb's patience.
- Philip's belief.
- Nathan's volleys.
- Jonah's determination.
- Braden's serve.
- Chris's passion.
- Joseph's listening.
- Josh's desire to improve.
- Matthew's forehand.
- Tyson's quickness.
- Austin's improvement.
- Josiah's forehand.
- Sam's focus.

I saw each of those things at their best during times of your matches tonight. I am grateful for the night's where we bring our best.

God, tonight was beautiful. We didn't win, but it was fun to compete with this team. Thanks for players who are better than us that show us the way forward. Thanks for teammates who lift us up with their cheers. Thanks even more for those who lift us up in prayer. May we continue to see ourselves as You see us, and may we see tennis for the gift that it is. Thanks!

#1S - Liam Bradford - 3-6, 3-6 - Gabe Rodino (11)
#2S - Caleb Shenk - 1-6, 0-6 - Cooper Tavernier (10)
#3S - Philip Krabill - 5-7, 6-3, 6-3 - Cameron Henry (10)
#1D - Jonah Farran/Nathan Oostland - 4-6, 4-6 - Brant Brouillette (12)/Avery Mantyla (11)
#2D - Christopher Craw/Braden Bohn - 1-6, 1-6 - Cole Miller (11)/Evan Nay (9)

Junior Varsity
#1SJV - Joseph Mounsithiraj - 1-8 - Aaron Cripe (10)
#2SJV - Josh Cartwright - 3-8 - Grant Martin (10)
#3SJV - Matthew Dyck - 4-8 - Collin Seegert (9)
#1DJV - Tyson Miller/Austin Shenk - 8-5 - Tyler Crisp (10)/Jake Welker (9)
#2DJV - Sam Setiawan/Josiah Schlabach - 1-6 - Tyler Crisp (10)/Jake Welker (9)

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