Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Journal: Camp Top Ten

10.  Brittany at Ruby Tuesday not being like we remembered her, but she remembered us!
9. The Pizza King waitress scaring Austin and Matt Ebersole.
8. Practicing on the "Ghetto" court.
7. P90X - "Bring It!"
6. Our new team members, Sam and Damien, or wait... Samantha and Jerome Bettis...
5. Another fight during Speedball? Yes.  Apparently it's group therapy.
4. "Whatever turns you on."
3. Kyle Miller - 3 time Hide-and-Go-Seek champ.
2. "I have to fart but I think it might be poop!"
1. Chowing down on KFC during Yoga practice...

What did I forget?  What will you remember?


  1. misha 'i-will-kill-you-later' rebec is in my top ten.

  2. Of course. Our silent assassin.

  3. oh and don't forget 'sex with mom and dad'. possibly the worst show. ever. but we still managed to watch it. everywhere.

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