Wednesday, August 3, 2011

11 Things for 2011

Over the next eleven weekdays, I'll be counting down the things that I'm excited for (as a coach) entering the 2011 season. Check out previous posts below.

#11 - New Regional Alignment
#8 - Playing a New Opponent
If you've been following this series at all, you'll have noticed that I like new challenges. I like making up new practice schedules, I'm excited that we have a new Sectional champion being funneled into our Regional, and now, I'm excited to say that we have a new team on our schedule this year!

For the first time since I've been coaching, we'll be taking on the Blue Blazers of Elkhart Central. It makes sense, really that we'd play them. We're close and it should be a competitive match. For some on our team, this will be the first time we'll be playing against their home district, which is always exciting.

Unfortunately, this meant that we had to say good-bye to an opponent as well. We lost the Mishawaka Cavemen from our schedule, which was too bad because I know that their coach had the program pointing in the right direction.

So what happened the last time we picked up a new opponent? Well, that would be last year when we went down to face the Columbia City Eagles. That was a great competitive match, but unfortunately for us, a match in which Russell got sick. We went down 3-2, and sure could have used Russell that day. However, it was one of the better matches of the season, and would have been extremely memorable had we been able to squeeze out the 3-2 win instead of feel the 2-3 loss.

I can't wait to play a new team again this year, hopefully this will be the start of a wonderful, friendly, local rivalry!

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