Thursday, April 17, 2014

Letters: Edition 2

Dear Tennis at Bethany, I was thinking about our history lately. Did you know that I've been your coach for 10 years now. That's as long as I've been married to my beautiful bride! Like any relationship, I love our traditions and yearly rituals. I just found out today that we'll get to continue our summer getaway, team camp in Angola is on! 10 years... we've been through a lot. I still got love for you though :-)

Dear Spring Break, goodbye! It was nice to relax, for people who got to do that. But, now it's 7 weeks 'til the end of school. 7 weeks 'til the real start of tennis season!

Dear Middle School Tennis Team, I'm sorry we have to keep practicing inside. Number one, the weather has not been nice. But, I have to say I do love the tiny courts with the big fluffy tennis balls. I want to start a mini-tennis league that plays its matches in all the classrooms, with the desks pushed back. It'd be awesome to sit on the couch in my room and watch and epic match play out between Biz and Reed on my area rug, with missed shots banging off the projector.

Dear T-25, I wish there was more time in the day. How awesome it would be to pursue a workout program with my whole tennis team that would not only prepare us physically for the season, but also help us be better dancers. You've inspired me to see what other dance moves I might be able to bring into practice next year.

Dear Daniel Robles, you have been an inspiring person to watch grow up. It's exciting to see how you've grown since a raucous 7th grader in my Bible classes to the man you may become. I remember how excited you were being involved in anything and you still are. I've always appreciated the hard work you put in when you are motivated, like helping with the courts last summer and the work you put in when you are on the courts. When I saw your comment on last week's post it helped me remember why I do what I do. Thank you.

Dear God, You have reminded me this week that the purpose of life is the praise, love and serve You. Every single thing in life either fulfills that purpose or pulls us away from it. I pray that this year, for every player, You make Bethany Christian tennis something that brings Your praise, honor and service. And thanks for the guys who are going to make this journey together. You have blessed us.

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