Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Letters: Edition 1

I've been thinking about a fun way to start writing about the 2014 season, and maybe a narrative technique that will carry through for the match reports. This past season I wrote beginning with quotes from poems. I think I might do these coming season doing "Letters". So... here's to the beginning of a tradition? *

Dear Jimmy Fallon, thanks for being so sweet as to share this idea with me. And Today's Letters, you deserve some shout out too. Thanks for sharing!

Dear March 25, I just wanted to praise you for snowing. You allowed my team members to show the dedication and excitement that they have for the coming season, as they swung (and stung their hands) through competitive approach and one-man-war as snowflakes dotted their hair.

Dear Freshman Class, I'm so impressed by your exuberance! So far this offseason, 5 of you are taking lessons, 8 of you have come to open courts. Nothing can stop you, not the cold, not the wind, not haircut appointments, or even going to the wrong tennis courts. Your work will pay off, but your joy will be the difference.

Dear Landon Weldy, I found out that you have a twitter account. How exciting! And thanks tagging something with #thisiswhatweplayfor, way back in August I'd forgotten about that. (Yes, I'm the one that favorited it, and yes I scrolled all the way back to August just to see what you said about tennis.) By the way, I'm sad about Psych too.

Dear Spring, thanks for at least attempting to break through the brute force of winter's serve. Your swirling wind is giving us plenty of chances to learn to deal with frustration, but your sun and calm is our favorite. Please, blow warm and dry our courts.

Dear Father, Your Spirit is the most important aspect of forming a new team. We unite in You. As we begin the journey to the 2014 season, I thank you for the sheer joy of hitting a moving tennis ball. But most of all I pray that we learn how to use our gifts and situations to praise, love and serve You.

* I am known for starting things that I don't follow through with. So, that explains the question mark.

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