Monday, July 6, 2015

2015 - What's New?

As the calendar rolls into July, we turn over the website to prepare for the 2015 season. A new header appears, a new schedule on the right side of the page, a new background photo and even a new color scheme.

So here's a post that looks at what is new for the 2015 season and hopes that we develop some excitement in this lead-up month.

New Varsity Players
For the past two years, we've been a team led by a core group that graduated last year. In 2014, five of our eight regular varsity players were seniors. That means we'll have a new crop of varsity players this year. Last year's JV was 16-1. That's a very good record. Hopefully we're prepared. I can't wait to see the core of this year's Junior class begin to take on a leadership role. I'm counting on guys like Lane Miller, Brandon Nguyen, Bryce Miller, Daniel Robles, Jackson King, Jacob Gonsalves, and Dustin Miller pushing each other for greatness this year.

New Freshmen
We may not know who all is coming out, but it looks like we'll have 5-7 new brothers joining the team this year. It's always exciting to have fresh players, fresh talent, and new opportunities to grow as a team.

New Matches
From year to year we make changes in the schedule, and this year is no different. We've added a new tournament in late August. We'll head down towards Kokomo to play a triple-duel tournament against my brother's team, Western. We'll also play Lafayette Central Catholic and Northwestern as a part of the invite. It will be great competition and give us the opportunity to go see another part of the state (which is something I personally love!)

New Family
God's biggest blessing of every season is the chance to be together all again. We really start that in earnest next Monday as we head to tennis camp. God has given us a wealth of talents, abilities, opinions, viewpoints, and the guidance of God's Spirit. I can't wait to see how we and God co-create a family of faith and tennis.

See you all soon!

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