Saturday, August 13, 2016

Preview: Jimtown

When: Monday, Aug. 15 at 4:30 PM

Where: Jimtown High School

Forecast: 76° with a 100% chance of rain

Stats: Bethany Christian (0-0) v. Jimtown (0-0)

Projected Jimtown Lineup:
Approximate Record from Last Season in Parenthesis

#1S - Holden Price (13-2)
#2S - Ben Clarke (12-2)
#3S - Austin Pearison (9-5)
#1D - Michael Gray (9-5)/Andrew Emeigh (1-0)
#2D - Matt DeCloedt/Nate Behrens

What to Expect: Just to be clear, I have no idea what Jimtown's lineup is going to look like. I am speculating completely based on last year's lineup. With that said, this is a team that brings back a good amount of very good varsity players. As you can see, Jimtown returns 5 players to their lineup with varsity experience, and all of those that are back had excellent records last season. If you match that up with our returning talent, you'll quickly see that both our team and the Jimmies should have excellent seasons.

This certainly looks like a match that is too close to call. Every position is one that either team could win if they get a strong performance. It's an exciting match to start off the season, and one that could be repeated come the Sectional.

What we need to get off to a good start is to play with joy, energy, and confidence. We need to work hard at controlling what we can control. Our feet, our positioning, our strategies, our effort. Then we also need to relax and have fun. Not every match has the potential of being fun and memorable. Some are easy wins, some are bad losses. This match has that incredible potential to go one way or the other. So wow, we will need to enjoy that! I can't wait to get things underway!

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