Sunday, August 14, 2016

Preview: Northridge

When: Tuesday, Aug. 16 at 4:45 PM

Where: Bethany Christian High School

Forecast: 81° with a 60% chance of rain

Stats: Bethany Christian (0-0) v. Northridge (0-0)

Projected Northridge Lineup:
Approximate Record from Last Season in Parenthesis

#1S - James Dugle (6-7)
#2S - Simon Gravengoed (7-6)
#3S - Logan Corns (5-8)
#1D - Luke Wogoman (5-1) / Alex Gingerich  (0-6)
#2D - Eric Firstenberger (9-3) / Drew Wheatley (4-2)

What to Expect: The Raiders were a young team last season. Of the 9 players to play in varsity matches last season, only 2 graduated. So the Raiders should bring back 2 seniors this season, 4 juniors and 1 sophomore. They were also very competitive during the last season. In fact, they beat us for one of our 7 losses last year.

We come back very experienced this year as well, and so we'll want to play well in order to get back in the victory column against the Raiders. It may be a long day of waiting to play, seeing if the expected rain actually hits and whether or not it prevents us from playing :-)

Looking at my best guess at who might play for the Raiders, we see that they have a solid singles lineup returning from last season. Each player returns to their position in singles. Last year when the Raiders defeated us, Simon Gravengoed and Logan Corns both won their singles matches for 2 of the 3 points for Northridge. Last year, the whole Northridge varsity played solidly and aggressively in our match. We'll need to match that this year to come out victorious.

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