Tuesday, August 9, 2011

11 Things for 2011

Over the next eleven weekdays, I'll be counting down the things that I'm excited for (as a coach) entering the 2011 season. Check out previous posts below.

#11 - New Regional Alignment
#6 - New JV Tournament

With 10 freshmen this year, we need opportunities for them to play in cool events. And honestly, the coolest events are the tournaments. In years past, we've won the Jimtown JV Invite, went in and finished 3rd at the Northern Lakes JV Conference Tournament, and competed well in the same tournament last year.

But this year, we're adding a new tournament, and it's over in my old stomping grounds. Not at Angola, just a little north in Fremont. This should be a really fun time, as Fremont was trying to recruit 8 teams to play in the event.

Most importantly, it gives the JV a chance to win something. The varsity prepares all season for Sectional. We have 3 tournaments to try and win. We compete for a place on the plaque by winning more than 70% of our matches. But the JV, well, they compete for the future most of the time. They compete to get better.

Yet at this tournament, they compete to win a tournament. And no matter the competition, they can always go for their best. So we can't wait to play another tourney!

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